Voguebait Workshop

Featuring Jonny Edward

It’s not enough to be an exceptional photographer or model

We’ve all done our time in the fashion industry: Learning our gear, practicing our poses, and honing our techniques. But, there’s something unique that only interacting with other people can bring. There’s inspiration to be found in those relationships, and valuable lessons that we can develop from social interactions. In other people, we can find beauty, tension, mood, and motion. Learning how to identify these traitsor help create them in othersis just the beginning to mastering fashion and media. 

Join Jonny Edward and Joshua Hendrickson and work with two separate creative teams exploring all stages of editorial ideation.


Together, we’ll help you master various parts of the creative process, from “listening” to the goals of a publication, to assembling a mood board, to building an editorial vision and submission targeted to specific, elite publications.

The goal of this particular workshop is to help you successfully submit work for publication on Vogue Italia’s Photovogue. Vogue Italia’s clear vision is a perfect study for editorial concept generation. Their open forum allows all photographers to submit for editorial review, which makes the publication an excellent platform for any photographer or modelknown or unknownto get their chance at an incredible feature.


If you’re looking to expand your fashion and editorial business acumen and submit your content to a prestigious publication, this workshop is for you!


  • Friday June 25th 6:30-10:00pm
  • Leverage your Creative Team under Jonny Edward or Joshua Hendrickson
  • Onsite makeup by Jacquelyn Paige
  • Styling by Art of Hannah Jane
  • On-location photoshoot at Raw Photographic

  • Pre-photoshoot mood board guidance (for photographers)
  • Post-photoshoot editing guidance (for photographers)

    Past Work

    About Joshua Hendrickson


    Over the many years I’ve worked in this business, I’ve been lucky to partner with a variety of subjects and clients. I’ve worked with families, couples, children, and individuals. But, my main focus is a model portfolio builder and the experiences I’ve collected provide me with the tools needed to ensure your photos turn out exactly as you wish.

Some examples of my work include:

    My images have appeared in the pages and websites of Vogue Italia’s Photovogue, Canon’s PhotoPlus, and Fstopers.
    I’ve built portfolios and scouted for NXT, NEXT, Donna Baldwin, Model Coaches, Wilhelmina, and other agencies.
    My fine art photography has been shown in galleries like the Agora Gallery in New York, the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, and the BBA Gallery in Berlin.

    Creative Team

    Jaquelyn Paige Artistry

    Jaquelyn Paige Artistry


    Jacquelyn is an award winning and published professional makeup artist. She got her start in makeup in 2010 at the age of 15 when she taught herself makeup application for theatre in high school. From there she went on to receive a Fine Arts degree in Technical Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Makeup, while working professionally for The Denver Center of Performing Arts. After completing her degree Jacquelyn taught herself special effects makeup and began work for nationally recognized haunted houses such as 13th Floor. In 2018 she received her certifications in Bridal, Photoshoot, and Specialty Makeup Application and has been working in the beauty industry ever since. Her biggest passion now is working with photographers all over the country to create stunning and eye catching works of art.

    Art of Hannah Jane

    Art of Hannah Jane


    Hannah Jane is the owner and designer of Art of Hannah Jane a sustainable artwear company creating one of a kind hand crafted designs.

    Designer Hannah Jane is an artist working across all mediums including fashion design, styling, paint, canvas works, photography, set design etc.
    Hannah Jane does not limit herself within creation and thrives on the ultimate goal of creating something out of nothing.
    Through the use of thrown away, unwanted, or thrifted items HJ designs are constructed and have the opportunity to extend the life cycle of the deemed useless item and give it value.
    These designs can otherwise be known as wearable canvases. Pieces that can be deemed collectible and connect with the world. Designs that can act as artwear and forever remain in your closet while holding importance.
    Commonly known for the creation of animals on HJ designs, each piece has significant meaning. Whether it is the lion embracing courage and strength or the elephant signifying wisdom, the overall goal is to respect and celebrate the world living around us as well as design creations that resonate with each and every one or us.

    Art of Hannah Janes overall mission is to create designs that carry high fashions emotional attributes with slow fashion values.

    As a creator and Influencer Art of Hannah Janes goal is to empower through clothing, not only giving a confident impact on the individual wearing the designs but create a positive reaction as the garment lives and is projected into the world.

    Joshua Hendrickson

    Joshua Hendrickson


    In my years of experience as a professional photographer, I’ve enjoyed partnering with many subjects to help build their confidence and bring forward their inner beauty. Although I’m predominantly a model portfolio builder, I also work with families, couples, and individuals to capture their meaningful moments, events, and loved ones.

    My background is the foundation for the studio and location photography work I do today–and gives me the tools needed to ensure your photo session turns out exactly the way you want.

    · Print and digital photography: You’ll find my work in magazines like Canon’s PhotoPlus and Fstoppers.

    · Model portfolio work: I’ve scouted and built portfolios for NXT, NEXT, Donna Baldwin, Model Coaches, Wilhelmina, and other agencies.

    · Fine art photography: My fine art and creative portfolios have been exhibited in several galleries including the Agora Gallery in New York, the Valid World Hall in Barcelona, and the BBA Gallery in Berlin.

    I want to see everyone embrace and celebrate life’s amazing moments. My goal as a photographer is to help record those feelings, memories, and events in impactful and lasting photos.

    Photography expertise, with a personal connection

    Posing guidance, positive interaction, confidence building, and careful connections. These are the foundations of my practices and the focus of my work. I can help you fill your photo albums, Facebook pages, Instagram, and home with artwork that will last a lifetime.