One-on-One Instruction

You’ve received a camera for Christmas, an award for your photography, or you’ve fallen in love with a style or picture you want to replicate.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your photographic journey!

This is an exciting time; you’ve made the financial or personal investment in a new chapter of self-exploration and creation.

Let me take you through a journey of discovery. Together, we will strengthen and expand your creative knowledge and build a solid foundation on which you can quickly expand your photography skills.   

Students of mine have become signed models, run successful photography businesses, and been published in major magazines and publications. I look forward to connecting you with this supporting network, as well as the resources you need to actualize your creative vision and goals.

Join me for goal-based, one-on-one sessions. 

Let’s talk about what you’d like to achieve and I can help you make it work. I build my instruction based on eventual graduation and self-sufficiency.  I want to teach you not just how to capture your artistic vision, but how to use the tools and techniques to replicate future visions, without needing to lean on a coach.


Ready to get started?

Click here to join my discord, or send me an email—let’s connect soon and talk more about your creative potential!